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Performa - Marketing : Approche centrée client


18 septembre 2007


Chateau Frontenac
Salle Place D'Armes
1, rue des Carrières
Québec (Québec) G1R 4P5


Bill Aulet,
MIT Entrepreneurship Center

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


  • Introduction and Overview (Desired Outcomes of this Program) 
  • Situational Analysis I  
      - Review of current status of attending companies’ business, 
        marketing plans and operations
      - Interactive SWOT 
      - Results will influence priorities
  • Critical Success Factors in Entrepreneurial Marketing
      - Entrepreneurial Marketing Framework Process
      - Technology Push vs. Market Pull
      - Choosing How to Compete
      - Overview of Marketing Plan  
  • Sensable Technologies and Brontes Technologies Case Studies  
      - The “Crossing the Chasm” challenge in high technology and  
        how to make it a positive for you 
      - Concrete and detailed examples of how to successfully build
        customer focused companies   from a technology base
      - The importance of stages of growth for a new venture and how
        marketing relates to exit strategies
  • Testimony of a local entrepreneur (lunch time)  
    Raynald Bourassa, OmegaChem
  • Visage Case Study 
      - How to turnaround a company with its an existing course and
      - The importance of hearing what the customer is really saying and
        not what you want to hear
  • Commerce Bank Case Study
      - How to produce superior performance through properly focused
        marketing and sales
      - How to develop an execution plan that fully supports the
        strategy, with full alignment   throughout the company with
        respect to customers, products and employees
      - How to achieve differentiation and market power, even in the  
        most difficult situations 

Séminaire uniquement en langue anglaise

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