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Expertise and Know-How

The Sector at a Glance

The regional plastics sector generates nearly one billion dollars in annual turn-over and accounts for one of the largest concentrations of companies in Canada, especially in the manufacturing of composite materials. Over the course of the next few years, this economic ZONE expects an 8% growth in the composites sector which will certainly contribute to its current vitality. The sector will expand mainly due to substitution and structural growth in value and volume.




A Dedicated Team
Whether you are a local company, an investor or a site selector, don’t hesitate to communicate with us. We are an excellent source of references with access to the most recent statistical data, and are familiar with the industry’s networks, orientation facilities, and major players.

  • A total of 130 companies, out of which 83 are specialized;
  • First in rank within the province of Quebec with respect to the number of companies/capita;
  • Second in rank within the province of Quebec - after Montréal/Montérégie - with respect to the total number of companies (240 business and 18000 employees);
  • First in rank within the province of Quebec for the number of composites companies (26);
  • Growth 1999-2001:
    • 20% in turn-over: from $790 million to $944 million
    • 34% in exports: from $259 million to $348 million
    • 29% in employment: from 4172 to 5384
    • 24 % in R&D: from $4.2 million to $5.2 million
  • Companies which actively participate in each of the steps of the manufacturing process.

A True Industrial Cluster

The Economic ZONE of Québec Chaudière-Appalaches (QCA) boasts a critical mass of companies offering integrated business services, while receiving support from such region players as educational and research centres, suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, etc. As a result, ZONE QCA not only offers excellent investment opportunities but it also provides a base for successful business partnerships.

Some of the Leaders in the Sector

The Plastics and Composite Materials sector brings together machinery and mold manufacturers, synthetic and composite resin manufacturers as well as makers of products using plastic and composite materials. The manufacturing companies within the ZONE are among the most innovative and efficient in the industry: one only has to look at ADS Groupe Composites, BainUltra, I. Thibault, MAAX, IPL inc. and René Matériaux composites, to name a few.

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