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André Pouliot
President and CEO, DMR-Fujitsu
Exporting a made-in-Quebec management model

Founded in Quebec City in 1973 and acquired by IT multinational Fujitsu in 1997, DMR has successfully retained its identity while exporting key aspects of its business culture to its Japanese parent company—a source of pride for DMR’s President and CEO André Pouliot, who is originally from Quebec City.

André Pouliot, President and CEO
  • Bachelor’s degree in IT management, Laval University
  • Master’s in business administration, Laval University
  • 2005 Career Prize awarded by Laval University’s Computer Science and Software Engineering Department in recognition of his professional achievements

  • Founded in 1973 and acquired by Fujitsu in 1997
  • Headquartered in Quebec City
  • Specializing in business and IT integration consulting
  • Number of employees: 1,400
  • Annual sales: CA$175 million

  • Founded in Japan in 1935
  • Specializing in IT and client-oriented communications solutions
  • No. 4 IT services provider worldwide and No. 1 in Japan
  • Annual sales: over US$53 billion
  • Number of employees: 167,000 in more than 70 countries

André has spent the bulk of his professional life at DMR, which now ranks among Quebec’s leading business and IT consulting companies. He joined DMR 27 years ago and gradually made his way to the top—quite an achievement for someone who was born and raised in Quebec City’s poorest neighbourhood, Saint Roch, which has gone on to become a model of urban revitalization in North America.

André pursued his education while working as a waiter in a tavern owned by his father, from whom he inherited his business skills. “I attended the school of life before I went to university. That probably shaped my management style. I love people and bonding with my colleagues, and I put a premium on cooperation.” He’s a loyal boss with a loyal staff: 80% of DMR’s employees have been with the company for at least 10 years.

Business culture

DMR’s business culture emphasizes cooperation, respect, balance and service quality, and the company has endeavoured to foster this culture as it has grown. André became one of the key proponents of this approach after spending a year Vancouver in 1987.

Despite his rise to the top, André’s core goals have not changed. “A leader’s role is to help people realize their potential and facilitate the process of promoting innovation.”

A unique business segment

Although part of the massive Fujitsu Corporation, DMR has retained its identity by embracing a highly decentralized management model; it also exerts significant influence on its parent company. “We enjoy considerable management autonomy within the Fujitsu family and we actively contribute to the group’s growth by sharing our best practices,” says André with characteristic humility.

DMR’s areas of operations include products, sales, consulting, follow-up and infrastructure management services. Even though IT remains its central focus, the company takes a holistic project approach. Drawing on its practical experience, the company has expanded its horizons by incorporating surveyors, accountants, occupational therapists, nurses and other professionals within its teams.

Thanks to these initiatives, DMR has gained distinction and emerged a winner. “We’re leaders in North America and pioneers in our sector,” says André in explaining DMR’s role within Fujitsu—an alliance that has encouraged the adoption of best practices throughout the parent company. “It also provides me with a globalized point of view, so I know what’s happening around the world.” It’s noteworthy that André returns to the concept of globalization several times during our interview: his international perspective has given him in-depth understanding of the issues facing both private companies and public-sector organizations. And there are signs that DMR’s success will lead to an expanded role within Fujitsu.

Healthcare initiative

André takes particular pride in the recent implementation of the so-called Toyota approach in Quebec’s healthcare sector. “Some people have taken exception to the term, as if we were comparing hospitals to assembly lines. It’s not like that at all! We’re simply applying a proven management model in a bid to reduce waiting times. Patients will have quicker access to treatment and the system will be more humane,” he notes.

This high-performance management model is catching on within the Fujitsu family—another example of homegrown expertise exported around the world, shining a spotlight on Quebec and its greatest assets. “According to my Japanese colleagues, DMR is one of Fujitsu’s top three business segments worldwide. A very nice compliment indeed!”

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