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Key sectors

Quebec City: high-tech capital!

Thanks to its status as a prime location for technology development, Quebec City benefits from a pool of skilled labour and from the proximity of world-class research centres focused on developing innovations, products and services with strong commercial potential. Here’s a snapshot of a dynamic and inventive sector!

400 companies
11,000 value-added jobs
Revenues: C$1.4 billion
8 research groups
2,700 research jobs

Key sub-sectors with list of leading companies :
Optics/photonics : Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering, Gentec-EO, ABB Bomem, TeraXion, Roctest/FISO, Creaform, Telops, CorActive High-Tech.;

Defence, security and emergency preparedness : CGI Group, DMR Consulting (a division of Fujitsu Consulting), ABB, DAP Technologies, General Dynamics OTS, Thales, Olympus NDT Canada.;

Geospatial technology : CGI Group, DMR Consulting (a division of Fujitsu Consulting), LGS Group Inc. (an IBM company), ALTA Group, Korem, Trifide Group, Innovision+, XEOS Imaging, GeoCom TMS;

Electronics : Lyrtech, Comlab Telecommunications, Gentec-EO, Adept Technologies, Ariane Controls, Olympus NDT Canada, Exfo Electro-Optical Engineering, Zetec, Soft DB, Gecko, Multitel, Dap Technologies, Ver-Mac, M2S Électronique, SEM Électronique;

Information technologies and interactive entertainment : CGI Group, DMR Consulting (a division of Fujitsu Consulting), Omnitech Consulting Group, LGS-IBM Group, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft Canada, Taleo, Fortsum, Systematix Information Technology, MediSolution, Lambda Consulting, Nurun, AGI Consulting Group, Sarbakan, Beenox-Activision, Ubisoft Entertainment, Dynagram Software, Humagade.

Sub-sector profiles:

Based on various key indicators, the applied technology sector is booming.

Meeting your needs is our top priority!

POLE fosters the development of applied technology companies and helps drive economic growth throughout the QCA zone:

  • We support your growth projects.
  • We provide strategic consulting services.
  • We can direct you toward various potential financing sources.
  • We help you develop new markets and lasting partnerships with industry stakeholders by organizing conferences, trade missions and local and international networking opportunities.
  • We organize matchmaking and technology transfer activities.
  • We organize and offer training courses aimed at optimizing employee performance, together with promotional campaigns for high-tech careers.
  • As part of the ACCORD initiative, we are working closely with government officials, the business community and sector entrepreneurs on a range of groundbreaking projects supporting growth and economic diversification throughout the Quebec City region over the next ten years. Key projects include:
    • Creation of the geospatial technology hub of excellence, which will promote the Quebec City region’s cutting-edge expertise in this promising new niche market. Contact us!
    • Implementation of the Optics-Photonics Development Circle, which will support key sector stakeholders (existing and new companies, R&D centres) while positioning the Quebec City region among the top five optics/photonics hubs worldwide. Contact us!
    • The development of a defence, security and emergency preparedness development strategy, including the Technology Integration Centre, Defence and Security District and the Market Intelligence Bureau. This project, which is being spearheaded and implemented by Technopole Defence and Security, showcases regional leadership and draws on a variety of cooperation agreements, infrastructure, resource and data sharing, geographic proximity and sector stakeholder synergies. Contact us!

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