Quebec City region:
economic vitality and innovation!

Quality of life and security: an ideal choice for families

Unbeatable quality of life!

Boasting the lowest crime rate among major North American urban centers, the Quebec City region is extremely safe. Today�s Parent magazine ranks the metro area as the best place in Canada to raise a family.

Health care is free and available to all provincial residents, as is the public education system (kindergarten to junior college). Tuition fees at Quebec universities are among the lowest in North America.

Even housing prices are highly attractive: a comparable home costing C$170,000 in Quebec City would sell for C$220,000 in Montreal, C$350,000 in Toronto and nearly C$500,000 in Vancouver.

"Quebec City offers all the benefits of a major urban center: vibrant cultural activities, fine dining, superb schools and parks, nearby ski resorts � all in a clean and peaceful environment."
Luc Labbé, President, Soylutions