Quebec City region:
economic vitality and innovation!

$600 million in R&D; investments each year

Highest concentration of research and technology transfer centers in Quebec: 6,000 researchers and associates, 400 R&D; laboratories, groups, consortiums, institutes and facilities!

"Quebec City forms the hub of a unique region in which companies are developing innovative technologies through proximity to leading research facilities."
Marc-André Soucy, Manager, Remote Sensing, ABB Analytical Solutions

Cutting edge

  • Quebec City�s University Hospital Center: Canada�s largest biomedical research facility
  • DRDC Valcartier: Canada�s leading defense research and development center
  • Forintek Wood Research Institute: one of the institute�s two divisions is headquartered in Quebec City
  • National Optics Institute: Canada�s largest optics and photonics research center
  • Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Institute: leading food technology research center
  • Merck Frosst-CIHR Research Chair in Obesity: first of its kind in Canada


Solidifying their reputation for ingenuity, Quebecers have developed a number of remarkable inventions in a variety of fields:

  • Cochlear implants
  • Cold-climate wheat varieties
  • Organic insecticides
  • Snowmaking systems used worldwide
  • Artificial skin transplants and tissue reconstruction techniques for burn patients
  • Prostate cancer screening methods and treatments
  • Prenatal screening methods for genetic disorders
  • Anti-estrogen therapies for breast cancer patients
  • Diagnostic tools for pathogen identification
  • Tracking bracelets for Alzheimer�s patients
  • Bionic leg technology

The first Desjardins credit union was founded in the Quebec City region in 1900. Today, the Desjardins Group is a leading source of financial leverage � and an inspiration for credit unions across North America (3,400 in Canada and 16,500 in the U.S.).