Quebec City region:
economic vitality and innovation!

World-class institutions, educated workforce and low labor costs

  • Labor costs in the Quebec City region are among the lowest in the industrialized world:
    • 15% lower than in the U.S., the U.K. or the Netherlands
    • 30% lower than in Japan
    • 40% lower than in Germany
  • Low turnover of specialized workers
  • Highly skilled personnel
  • Percentage of college degree holders is among the highest in North America

Vocational schools, technical colleges, specialized institutes and world-class universities:

  • Founded in 1663, Laval University is North America�s foremost francophone educational institution and the oldest after Harvard. Attracting more than C$275 million in research funding each year, Laval University has 17 faculties, 350 programs, 36,000 students (including 2,000 foreign students), 1,200 researchers and over 200 research organizations.
  • Founded in 1967, the University of Quebec is the largest in Canada, with 5,000 professors, 86,000 students and 10 campuses province-wide. The University of Quebec is headquartered in Quebec City, together with the National Scientific Research Institute (INRS), the National School of Public Administration (ENAP) and Tele-University (TELUQ).

"Backed by the expertise of our Laval University graduates, Biscuits Leclerc continues to grow. Our employees include a large number of graduates in the fields of business administration, communications, engineering, food science and technology � even geography. The Quebec City region offers a human resource pool characterized by a keen sense of responsibility and a solid work ethic."
Jean Leclerc, President/CEO, Biscuits Leclerc